Staying away from Mumbai

As, the title of my blog suggests, I miss home day In and out all of it, the people, the movies and most of all the food. It is all for a bigger cause. No one ever wants to move away from the city and the Country they grew up in and live in a place which is completely alien to them. I landed in Toronto on 31st August 2016. The same night, I called my father and told him I am coming back for good as the change is very big. He said yes, come back, life is too short to have regrets.

When one sees like the end may only be the start of something new

However, something said stay back. I can surely term this as the best decision I have made ever, what happens when a person comes out of his/her comfort zone is the invisible shell which is surely present breaks and you start to mature and grow.

From then on, I haven’t looked back. I’ve just focused on what is present and have learned to live on the edge financially, managing time, the value of money, learned to make mistakes and learn from them and lastly, to accept myself for who I am, without giving any thought about what people think. The biggest thing that has happened to me is that I have learned to never take anything for granted mainly: money, family or the life and the freedom we all have been blessed with.

Now I would like to talk about how I feel whenever I go back home for a short while that is, the feeling of seeing you’re city in the dark from thousands of feet above in the air is just something else. I value everything so much more than I have ever, the traffic of Mumbai, the people, the food, and most of all my close ones.  Mumbai for me is so much more than a city, it is an emotion.

The Gateway of India, a major tourist destination in Mumbai It resonates with me as, it is so subjective it can be seen as an entry or an exit



Must visit Places in Mumbai (not the stereo typical ones)

Here starts the tough process of suggesting the places one must visit. The city is filled with such places. After a lot of head scratching as to which one should I recommend, I decided that let’s break them down into 3 major parts of the city.

The CST station light up in the evening

   Town Side- The old city, this part of the city is filled with old British architecture and great vibes. You must go to the CST station in the evening which is when the building is lit up and the view just magnifies to awe-inspiring. Colaba Causeway, this street in Mumbai has street shops selling clothes, antiques, and ethnic jewelry. The street is also, home to a wide number of restaurants, bars and cafés to battle those hunger pangs and get a cold pint (I recommend Kingfisher Ultra) in Mumbai’s hot weather.

Worli and Lower Parel: This part of the city is the upcoming party destination of the city, new bars and nightclubs are opening every month with new and unique concepts, which spoils the locals for choice. Some of the outlets which have withstood the test of time are Tryst, Tamasha, and Asilo which is on the 27th floor of a luxury hotel and one can see the entire city, which makes for an awe-inspiring view.

Bandra West– The most happening part of the city where drinking and the food scene is considered places,  I would recommend are Salt Water Cafe, Hakkasan, and Kaitlyn Beer Garden. The selection is wide as possible from various cuisines around the world.  After eating, I would recommend a walk either at Carter Road or Bandstand or both, there is the sea facing area which drags the locals there time and again, to find some calm and peace in this extra fast-paced city while looking at the sea. Chapel road has graffiti nestled in it within the narrow streets.

Oh, so Bollywood!

So many people are to say, voracious readers, I, on the other hand, have endless memories about movies, from the first movies that I saw as a toddler, to the most recent one Padmaavat. The feeling of watching an Indian movie here was so fascinating and bittersweet, I had to keep reminding myself that I am not in Mumbai but here in Canada.

A Painting of Salman Khan and Aishwariya Rai inspired from a famous movie

The visuals are yet, so clear about my favourite stars dancing and after I would get home would look up the songs again on Television and then try and learn the steps. My group of cousins and I would also, try and buy clothes like the actors, copy their walk and hairstyle and this practice is quite common in India.Bollywood is not only means of movies but also the music, majority of the music famous in the city is mainly from the movies. A true movie lover from Mumbai is bound to after a few drinks hit the dancefloor and burn it out on Bollywood tracks present ones and especially ones from the 90’s.

Movies are so much more than entertainment in Mumbai, they are a way to distribute dreams and love to millions and millions of people back home. The movies are also a way to inspire the common people of Mumbai, be it P.K, and Like Stars on Earth to name a few.

Dear Zindagi is one movie which revolves around mental health and how mental health is equally or more important than physical health. After the release of Dear Zindagi, awareness regarding mental health was talked about a lot more and became a household topic. Movies play so many roles for the common man back home, roles like an influencer, educator and lastly but not least entertainer. Here’s to Movies!






The People of Mumbai

The 12.1 million people of Mumbai including me, are affectionately called Mumbaikars. People from all walks of life, i.e., age, background, and religions mainly Hindu, Zoroastrian, Sikh, Muslim, and Christian, call this city home and the city accepts one and all for who they truly are.

My fellow residents of the city and I, are known for its own language loosely termed Hinglish, which is a mix of Hindi, English and sometimes, Marathi. A local language of Maharashtra the State in which the city lies in, and I’m very guilty of using it. Even now as I am typing, I am in my head I am voicing it.

From a Tourists point of view, we the people of Mumbai come off as very friendly and are very warm towards the tourists. For most of us, this friendly manner is the result of the age-old belief in India “Atithi Devo Bhava” which is Sanskrit for “Guest is equal to god.” At times, people will even look at an international tourist with amazement and inquisitiveness.

An evening Landscape in Mumbai

The people of Mumbai and the City itself have pulled through the hardest times, be it terror attacks, bomb blasts, and natural disasters. Resilient is a word which can be rightly used to describe Mumbai and its people. The people came together as united and define humanity by helping one and another during times of trouble, by food relief camps across the city.

Cricket, the most popular sport in Mumbai

Our city is known for us, its people, yes, we honk a lot, stay glued to the television and pray when the Indian cricket team is playing. We dance, cheer and blow whistles, whenever our favourite Actor takes his entry in his/her latest movie, copy his look be it the hairstyle or the clothes. We even, fight amongst each other for vague reasons too. But ultimately, during a crisis, we always stand united as the people of the great city and time and again define humanity.



Why I chose Mumbai

This post on my blog is pertained towards why have I chosen Mumbai as my topic and the end goal is to take you for a tour of my city from a locals perspective.

It occurred to me which topic is better than my city Mumbai, or as it is affectionately called “The City of Dreams” wherein thousands of people from across the country come to start a new life, work and earn money and embody the never die spirit of the city. It is the financial and entertainment capital of the country. Also, the wealthiest city in all of India. Mumbai is also home to 12.4 Million Indians  (as of 2011)

Now moving on from the boring stats and number, let us get to the fun stuff. Mumbai, has all the necessary attributes for a tourist destination, be it the coastal location or the mega population, or for all the movie lovers Bollywood. The city doesn’t fail to impress to any kind of person, it truly has something for all.


If one wants to just roam around the city visit local shops, absorb the culture of the city or just have plain out fun, the city won’t fail you. The city is full of charm, be it the forever-famous nightclubs to a street side bar everything in itself has an experience of its own, the British architecture & street shopping for antiques in the town side and the journey in a local train, which is considered the lifeline of the city and  hundred thousands of people use as source of daily transportation . For all the nature lovers, there are many national parks just on the outskirts of the city.

The real essence of a city like Mumbai is within the people I believe. There is a lot more to Mumbai than meets the eye.